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  LOVE SPORT VARIOUS > UNREQUITED LOVE > Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant "The Contrary" in Sterling Silver 925
Price: 69,00


Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant "The Contrary" in Sterling Silver 925

"The Contrary" is the new creative project bucking italian goldsmith Gianfranco Quartaroli.
In a world of injustice where everything is on the contrary the artist Gianfranco Quartaroli sees the world upside down, just stop for a moment with the mind and imagine everything that surrounds us otherwise.
A new idea of the world, a new conception of things, seen from another point of vista.Non's never anything right and everything continues to go in this direction, who knows if the world never will be decided for once to change direction of travel.
Every day we see concrete scenes that confirm that everything goes wrong, unjust, reverse.
We all feel constantly immersed in something that does not go in the right direction, in the right direction.
There is nothing fair in this world, everything is the opposite: they love people who do not reciprocate, you have ideas but not the money, the cunning and dishonest is always good, and he who has bread has no teeth and who It has teeth has no bread.
What's right in this world? Only Collection "The Contrary", the Jewels on the contrary!

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