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CIRCUITI JEWELS isn't only fashion, CIRCUITI JEWELS is passion that never tires, it's for everyone who knows what having a passion means. Maybe you can leave this passion in a drawer for a while, but when you discover it again, it's always amazing!

The world is becoming oval, in Italy the rugby-mania has exploded! Rugby, the sport of sacrifice of last times, has the role of the greater rival of the soccer. It's a tough sport, it's physical, but it's always faithful: it's a discipline for real gentlemen! Hands up who never heard about fights between players or supporters (excluded game contacts) during a rugby match: nobody.

And there's the unfailing third time: once the match is over, players of the teams celebrate together, apart from the final result. They're happy, with a smile and a bier, eating and talking about the match. In other sports, something like that is unthinkable. That's why rugby has values. Others disciplines haven't. It's the other face of the ball, the ovale one!

Rugby players are new stars and sexy icons and this sport and these gladiators inspired Gianfranco Quartaroli to realize a new jewels line that draws sport, luxury and fashion together.


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