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Love... how many things have been said about love... What is love?... What is true love?... Is love the one of "CANZONE" by Vasco Rossi?.. Is love the one that Gianna Nannini has been singing with "ATTIMO".... or maybe love is the one of "BECAUSE OF YOU" by Skunk Anansie?

There are so many examples of love stories that music has been giving us... everyone of us could tell our own story and every story has its beginning, its journey, many questions... Why has it began? Whay has it finished? Why is it going on? We often recognize and identify our love stories, our relatioships, our love desires in music and in love poems in the songs of our favorite singers... But every love story (good or bad) must be only ours, because we must be the protagonists of our loves, without need to idetify in a song ...

Everyone of us show and represent love in his own way... We only limit ourselves to create some jewels dedicated to love, sometimes with irony, sometimes with elegance… but what really counts is to have always the wish of loving and showing it…


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