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  ROCK LOVE SPORT VARIOUS > UNIVERSAL LOVE > Stainless Steel necklace pendent "Him and He" Divisible
Price: 49,00


Stainless Steel necklace pendent "Him and He" Divisible

The themes are topical ': civil unions and sustainable .The italian artist goldsmith Gianfranco Quartaroli wanted strongly to enclose the most discussed topics at the moment representing them in single jewel.Sport , the underlying theme, remains the most felt to " Circuiti Gioielli" brand. The bicycle, as a freedom symbol , the hearth, to render love.
An universal Jewel in 3 versions: Him and He, She and Her, Him and Her. The used metal is Steel, type 304 and 316L ,in compliance with the Regulations REACH(CE)N.1907/2006. The steel is harder than other metals, such as gold and silver, so it is difficult to be damaged, and its chemical composition makes it almost free of scratches and allows it to bear very well the corrosive elements such as sweat, dust and water. Resistant Steel such as a long Love story. You can affect on the heart the pendant divisible. The jewel represents the universal Love beyond of any injury. The bicycle, before to be a means of locomotion, is for all expression of freedom, health ,of direct contact with the nature , both an eco-compatibility symbol both of a different way of life. This is the jewel of continuity
Widht 3,9cm ;height 2,5 cm.
The pendent is sent into an elegant package with the warranty certificate .

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