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  CYCLING > CYCLING PENDANT > Necklace Pendent Cycling Sprocket in Pink gold 18KT
Price: 4.299,00


Necklace Pendent Cycling Sprocket in Pink gold 18KT
# GDIORC00018

The bicycles are composed by so many small jewels and the sprocket is one of these. Gianfranco Quartaroli,born to Valenza, has been inspired in the sprocket for to make a unique jewel, completely pierced and handmade finished by the wise hands of the Italian goldsmiths. The jewel is of pink gold, in 4 versions, a gift to all the cyclists and the enthusiastic ones of the cycling who wish to shine a innovative jewel, but at the same time precious and fashion.
In the part of ahead the laser incision of CIRCUITI mark. The pendant can be used with a color small cord, is like a long necklace or having it but, adapting it to a dark sweater of way to emphasize the brightness of the face and the jewel at the same time.
The pendant will be consign inner an elegant packaging contain:
pink gold 18kt sprocket
diameter 6.5 cm
weight gr. 35 ca.
2 small cords pink and black
guarantee certificate
Made in Italy

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