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  RACECAR > MONTECARLO JEWELRY > MONTECARLO Stainless Steel pendent size 40mm.
Price: 42,00


MONTECARLO Stainless Steel pendent size 40mm.
# AMTCAC0040214

The more rich and worldly test of the championship. A circuit that cross the luxurious street, on this streets the pilots make memorables races for find a victory that to allow them get into for ever in the motoring's history.

Ideated by Gianfranco Quartaroli, the pendant thought for the Montecarlo circuit is totally of steel in order to resist in the time finished hand-built , polished and rodiaded with the better orafe valentians techniques.

The dimension of this product, 40mm, studied for somebody want wear with elegance and discrezione his love for the sport and for the engines's world.

The pendant will be consign inner an elegant packaging contain:

-the jewel;

-2 necklaces (in cotton, in the colors black and red) for wear always your passion;

Free with the expedition an elegant package of gift.

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