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  RACECAR > MONZA > MONZA KEY RING gold 18kt with diamond in the departure, sliding
Price: 1.699,00


MONZA KEY RING gold 18kt with diamond in the departure, sliding
# AMOPOB1130207

Lesmo, Ascari, Parabolica, are only a few of the names to the famous bends of the National Circuit Monza, bends that contribuited of make famous the Italian's Circuit in all the world . From today you can wear in collaboration with the National Circuit Monza all the passion and the history's circuit with an unique jewel in his nature and in his form, known for the passioned in all the world. A true homage of big class of the italian "racing".

Realised of white gold 18kt with diamond set in the point to start, the jewel was finished hand-built polished and rodiaded with brisè ring of yellow gold 18kt, the key case has of a sliding of red gold with ruby baghette and four diamonds in the lateral place, the key is available whit ring of white gold too, will be consign inner an elegant packaging.
Free with the expedition an elegant package.
The jewels of the Circuiti collection are protected by patents.

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