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  RACECAR > CATALUNYA > Steel pendent CATALUNYA size 50 mm
Price: 59,00


Steel pendent CATALUNYA size 50 mm
# MCACAC0050063

The jeweller Gianfranco Quartaroli suggests for the Catalunya circuit one of the better designed and famous for the G.P. de Barcelona, the pendant totally in steel finished hand-built in order to be indestructible in the time, and for have in the neck this precious jewel that put together technology and design, innovation and elegance at the same time.

The tyres are overheat on this circuit giving big emotions that now you can wear with the Catalunya pendant adapted all the thrill's passioned.

The dimensions of this jewel 50mm, studied for who want wear an unique jewel with passion for the engines's world but not be unseen.

The pendant will be consign inner an elegant packaging contain:

-the jewel;

-2 necklaces (in cotton, in the colors black and red) for wear always your passion;

-the pamphlet of warranty with the informations about the jewel and about all the circuits.
Free with the expedition an elegant package of gift.

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