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  RACECAR > STEEL JEEG > Necklace Pendent JEEG ROBOT in Sterling Silver 925
Price: 69,00


Necklace Pendent JEEG ROBOT in Sterling Silver 925
# CACC041976

The story tells about Hiroshi Shiba, a car racer who is mortally wounded on a laboratory accident, but restored to life by his father, Professor Shiba, a talented scientist/archeologist, who is incidentally investigating the relics of the ancient Yamatai Kingdom. The professor discovers a tiny bronze bell with sorcerous powers, and shortly afterwards he is murdered by the henchmen of Queen Himika, the ruler of the Yamatai, who wants to seize the ancient bell and its power.
Hiroshi learns about his father's death, and his legacy: after the accident, Hiroshi was turned by his father into a cyborg, the bronze bell hidden in his own chest, able to transform into the head of a giant robot, the Steel Jeeg, created by Prof. Shiba with the purpose of stopping the Yamatai invasion of modern Japan. The minions of Queen Himika have huge haniwa robots, called clay phantoms buried thousands of years under Japan's soil, and only Jeeg can destroy them and save the world. Therefore, Hiroshi must roughly try to live his double life as his career as a racer who takes care of his mother and sister and a hero who fight to save the world...

The pendant will be consign inner an elegant packaging contain:

-the jewel;height cm.1,3
width cm.2,7

-1 necklace black color length cm.50 for wear always your passion;
Free with the expedition an elegant package of gift.

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