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  FOOTBALL > FOOTBALL NOVARA CALCIO > RECORD pendant dedicated to Raffaele Rubino
Price: 3.940,00


RECORD pendant dedicated to Raffaele Rubino

Raffaele Rubino, 35-year captain of Novara Calcio, with goals scored against Parma has entered the history of the league, as the only player to have scored in the same team in all professional leagues, from C2 to Serie A.

The captain of the formation wears the same jacket from back in 2001, when the militant Novara in Serie C2, with some brief periods in other teams, before returning permanently in 2007 to wear the national team, participating actively in small miracle Novara, in just two years, has made the double jump from Serie C1 to Serie A, becoming the darling of the public Novara.

The jeweler to the sports Gianfranco Quartaroli dedicate to bomber a unique and precious jewel at the same time: a gold yellow and white jersey pendant, shirt front of the shield crusader in yellow gold are set in relief where 750 kt . 1.69 of sapphire blue, the middle row of diamonds on the sides cross and four rubies.
On the back of the jewel is laser engraved on the number 9 jersey of Italy captain and above the word RECORD to remember a memorable event in the history of professional football.

The jewel "Record" will be available as a replica in silver 925 for all lovers and fans of our phenomenon to Quartaroli Jewelry at Novara or on the website

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