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Privacy Policy

The Supplier wishes to inform the public that it is possible, without registering, to access the site and read all the information herein contained, the products catalog and the price list, and use all those services for which one does not need to enter personal data. In order to use other services such as the newsletter and on-line purchase, it is necessary to enter the requested data. Submission of data is not obligatory but only necessary to establish and maintain the contractual relationship existing with the Supplier, which cannot be established without the communication of such data. Customers are entitled to exercise all the rights provided for by Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 in relation to such data.

The data submitted by or, in any case, referring to Customers may be transmitted by the Supplier to the following subjects:

  • Outsourced third parties providing specific services on behalf of the Supplier (couriers, manufacturers of ordered items, companies providing administrative and accounting services, revenue authorities, information systems outsourcers and marketing analysts);
  • Banks, to handle payments and collections of money related to the completion of the sale contract.

Written instructions regarding the cancellation policy are sent with each order to the Customers. Dissatisfied customers may exercise their cancellation rights (pursuant to Legislative Decree of 22 May 1999 No. 185 on consumers’ protection in distance contracts) within a term of 10 working days from receipt of the goods, sending a written communication by certified mail with return receipt to the following address: “QUARTAROLI GIOIELLI, Via G.Puccini 5, 28100 Novara, Italy”. Such notice of cancellation may also be submitted, within the same term, by telegram, provided that the original copy is sent by certified mail with return receipt within the following 48 hours.

Moreover, in order to receive reimbursement, customers shall ship back to the Supplier address (CIRCUITI GIOIELLI, 28100 Novara, Italy) the purchased items within 10 days. Customers are entitled to return and receive reimbursement for the goods without being subject to any penalty. Customers shall only be responsible for the expenses related to the return of goods, with the exclusion of those related to the first shipment which are entirely on the account of the Supplier. As part of a fair and balanced relationship, Customers hereby agree to store and preserve with utmost care and diligence the goods for which they intend to exercise their cancellation rights.

Goods shall be kept intact in their original packaging. Customers shall be entirely responsible for all expenses and risks inherent in return of goods. The Supplier shall not accept goods that are no longer intact, are damaged or lack the original accessories or optional equipment. Such goods shall be returned to the Customer who shall bear all the expenses related thereto. Once the goods have been received as above described and all the necessary checks have been completed, the Supplier shall reimburse the Customer. The Supplier hereby agrees to complete all reimbursement procedures, by bank wire transfer, within thirty working days from receipt of the notification with which the Customer had manifested his/her intention to exercise the cancellation rights.

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